Clearly Better Scents



Scents impact guests throughout your venues


Impact your guest experience throughout your ship to provide the most memorable and uplifting experience for your guests.  With aromas, you can ignite excitement or tone down an area of the ship with different scents. Scents keep you in control of the ambiance.

Public areas have multiple purposes, and Clearly Better Scents has multiple solutions!  Indoor pool side retreats can be scented with “Ocean Sunrise” or “Ocean Sunset” making your guests feel the outside ambience inside!  Quaint ice cream shops draw in guests with “Waffle Cone” aromas wafting into the common area.

Casinos experience up to 53% increase in receipts with Clearly Better Scents.  Retail shops benefit also with 40% more time spent shopping compared to an odor-free area.

Signature Scents provide the biggest impact…a scent that is yours and yours alone.  Memories are marked by scents, we can even design a unique scent series for purchase in your gift shops.