Clearly Better Scents



Guests experience enhanced connection to your property, building Loyalty & Recognition


Scents evoke emotion. Guests are receptive to scents from the moment you greet them in the lobby. Build recognition of your property with a scent designed exclusively for  your  hotel. Clearly Better Scents will work with your concierge or management to develop a Signature Scent that will trigger an emotional connection unique to your property or even the location within your property-a “Hawaiian Tropical” scent for the pool area, “Crushed Lime Mint” for an outdoor bar, “Coffee” for the espresso bar , “Green Tea” for the spa, “Hot Chocolate” for the gift shop, “Pure” to mask smoking odors in a dance club or “Fresh Linen” for a crisp light scent.

Benefit from scientifically proven scent technology to create an emotion that sub-consciously reminds the customer to plan their next visit with you. Clearly Better Scents automatically and unobtrusively distributes micro-atomized aroma oils through a wall mounted diffuser or HVAC system, eliminating the need for in-house spray bottles that are costly and labor intensive.

Catering and event planners can offer the option of scenting their event to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

A combination of scents throughout your property enhances  the overall guest experience!  Offer your Signature Scent for purchase in mini-bars and gift shops too.

Research shows that scent therapy is measurable, since 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell.