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Marketing with scents is a powerful tool for engaging customers in your retail, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, casinos or travel environment.

Like a fine wine, our Master Perfurmers create Scents with Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes for maximum memory marketing.

Scents are directly linked to emotion, providing an instant feeling or memory! Marketing programs built with Clearly Better Scents are designed to arouse the desired beneficial feeling and memory you want in your space-relaxation, stimulation, or comfort.

Welcome to the world of scent marketing.

Abstract: Retailers are increasingly using ambient scents to induce shoppers to stay longer, spend more and maybe even behave a little more kindly toward fellow shoppers.

Beyond just creating a pleasant environment, the nascent scent marketing industry uses fragrance to tap into memory and emotion to strengthen brand identity.

Linger Longer Studies:

There's Something in the Air: Effects of Congruent or Incongruent Ambient Odor on Consumer Decision Making

Deborah J. Mitchell, Barbara E. Kahn and Susan C. Knasko

Journal of Consumer Research
Vol. 22, No. 2 (Sep., 1995), pp. 229-238

Abstract: Pleasant ambient odors are found to affect consumer decision-making depending on whether the scents are congruent or incongruent with the target product class. Two different choice contexts are examined. In experiment 1, in a static-choice context, subjects in conditions in which the odor is congruent with the product class are found to spend more time processing the data, are more holistic in their processing, are more likely to go beyond the information given, are more likely to spread their choices evenly over the whole choice set than are subjects in the incongruent-odor conditions. In experiment 2, in a dynamic-choice context, subjects in the congruent conditions are more likely to exhibit behavior that is consistent with variety seeking than are subjects in the incongruent conditions.


In-store Music and Aroma Influences on Shopper Behavior and Satisfaction 

Michael Morrison, Sarah Gan, Chris Dubelaar, Harmen Oppewal

Journal of Business Research
Volume 64, Issue 6, June 2011, Pages 558-564

Abstract:  Retail markets are increasingly competitive and retailers continuously look to differentiate their retail offering. One way to differentiate is by providing a pleasant and exciting shopping ambience. This paper experimentally tests the effects of music (volume high or low) and aroma (vanilla scent present/absent) on young fashion shoppers in a real retail setting. Results show that volume of music and the presence of a vanilla aroma both have a significant impact on shoppers' emotions and satisfaction levels. Additional analysis reveals that the arousal induced by music and aroma results in increased pleasure levels, which in turn positively influences shopper behaviors, including time and money spend, approach behavior, and satisfaction with the shopping experience. Direct effects of arousal on behaviors as well as an interaction effect between music and aroma on pleasure and time spent in the store are also present. The paper contributes to the better understanding of shoppers' emotions and shopper behaviors in response to in-store atmospherics and offers retailers practical insights into how to create competitive advantage by customizing the atmosphere in their stores.

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