Clearly Better Scents



Smart Air Large Space Diffusers

Pleasant Ambience Builds Repeat Business.

Enhance Customer Experience.

Positive Power of Scents can relax, energize, sooth, increase purchases, create loyalty

Neutralize Unpleasant Odors (smoke, mildew, garbage and food odors)


Small stick-up type units may be effective in the area immediately around the unit (like a restroom), but their scent dispersal declines dramatically the farther you get away from the unit.  Our dry vapor particle size is so small and light that when properly adjusted for the room, it moves quickly to evenly disperse throughout the full cubic area of any interior space, whether it is 1000 or 40,000 square feet.

Timed Aerosol Sprays also are limited because of the large particle size of the spray, most of which falls to the ground quickly, and are appropriate only for small cubic foot rooms like restrooms.