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Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Professionals Use Scent to Soothe


Healthcare professionals are aware of the powerful impact of scent on patient feelings of well being. Studies have shown that scent can be used in many applications to positively affect the behaviors and emotions of patients, family, caretakers, and healthcare staff.

Vanilla, lavender and neutralizing scents (“Pure”) are popular recommendations. Vanilla can reduce claustrophobia in MRI facilities, calm pre-surgery and dental patients, and can reduce patient cancellations. Neutralizing unpleasant odors for patients with a heightened sense of smell will also soothe and comfort. Citrus uplifts and helps ease anxiety.

Clearly Better Scents offers custom fragrance development developed for the unique needs of your hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, outpatient surgery facility, laboratory physical therapy or chiropractic facility.

Now you can easily and cost effectively benefit from scientifically proven scent technology to reduce stress in your patients and staff. Clearly Better Scents automatically and unobtrusively distributes micro-atomized aroma oils through a wall mounted diffuser or HVAC system. These aroma oils are designed to promote relaxation and healing. Scents are a powerful addition to the resources you apply toward enhanced patient care and the healthcare worker environment.

Research shows that scent therapy is a valuable addition to patient care.

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Ever since we start to use scents at our practice, patients commented that they felt more relaxed in our reception area as well as in the actual exam rooms.
- Jason Thompson

Research Highlights

  • Vanilla can decrease MRI claustrophobia
  • Sedation requirements were decreased
  • Cancellations were cut by 50%