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Retail Sales Can Double with the Right Scent Marketing



Retail customers “linger longer” when scents are part of the shopping experience.  Grocery stores use the scent of baking bread to encourage baked goods purchases and major retail chains have unique scents designed expressly for their stores as part of their branding strategy.  Clearly Better Scents offers custom fragrance development for a Signature Scent.

Create nostalgia. Seasonal scents can be added such as gingerbread undertones  to encourage  a holiday shopping spree. “Fine Suede” to promote your leather goods.

As a retailer, you invest heavily in fixtures, lighting, signage and music to attract and enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Now you can easily and cost effectively benefit from scientifically proven scent technology. Clearly Better Scents automatically and unobtrusively distributes through a wall mounted diffuser or HVAC system for a consistent, controllable release of aromas into any sized location.

Clearly Better Scents micro-atomized aroma oils are designed to subtly promote your shops’ distinctive ambience and vibe…to energize, relax, create a sense of well being, and evoke a positive response in your environment .  With our scent marketing expertise we create the mood you choose , extending the time your customer spends shopping and creating a lasting memory.

Research shows that receipts can double with scents over an odor-free area.

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Research Highlights

  • Receipts double
  • Shoppers lose track of time
  • Home cooking scents increased appliance sales by 33%