Clearly Better Scents

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing

Positive Scent Response for any Industry

Marketing with scents is a powerful tool for engaging customers in your retail, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, casinos or travel environment.

Like a fine wine, our Master Perfurmers create Scents with Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes for maximum memory marketing.

Scents are directly linked to emotion, providing an instant feeling or memory! Marketing programs built with Clearly Better Scents are designed to arouse the desired beneficial feeling and memory you want in your space-relaxation, stimulation, or comfort.

Scents take you beyond the limitations of sight and sound.

Clearly Better Scent Programs:

  • Increase sales in retail, entertainment or foodservice (fragrance of baked bread, apple pie, cookies, cinnamon buns or pizza)
  • Expand bookings for services (relaxing lavender for a spa)
  • Generate loyalty for repeat business (exclusive Signature Scent)
  • Create a sense of place (Signature scent for a hotel lobby or cruise line)
  • Encourage customers to make additional purchases (spicy, honey-like fragrance in men’s department)
  • Can be designed for specific situations such as providing patient’s with reduced anxiety during procedures (vanilla engulfs with comfort and security)
  • Can influence specific demographics (Natural smells for persons born prior to 1960, artificial scents for after 1960 births)